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Proclamation 2001

Call Sign Lookup

Club Officers

President Allen Hiltz WA1BEE
Vice President Jeff Lehmann N1ZZN
Secretary Wendy White KC1GTR
Treasurer Phil McNamara N1XTB
Repeater Trustee Phil McNamara N1XTB
Call Sign Trustee Phil McNamara N1XTB
Newsletter Editor Wendy White KC1GTR
Packet BBS Trustee NA NA
Web Site Trustee Phil McNamara N1XTB

Repeater Advisory Board

Jeff Lehmann N1ZZN
Phil McNamara N1XTB
Jay Zappulla N1FDX
Bob Mandeville N1EDM
Lou Harris N1UEC


2 Meter Repeater 147.180+ (Tone 67.0)
440 Repeater 444.550+ (Tone 88.5)
Node BROCK Packet 145.090 45 Watts
BBS N1XTB-4 145.090 45 Watts
Club Web Page

Monthly Meetings

Every 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 6:30 P.M.
Bridgewater Library, Bridgewater Center
Meeting on Air: Tuesday 8:00 P.M. 147.180mhz