EchoIRLP instructions 

Updated 09/02/16


Operating Guide for the W1MV Repeater

IRLP Node 4388

EchoLink Node 451971 (W1MV-R)

147.180 MHz +600 kHz offset - PL 67.0 Hz

Standard Codes

To Connect to IRLP

See to search for IRLP Node Numbers
Dial 4-digit
Node Number
To Connect to EchoLink

See to search for EchoLink Node Numbers
Dial # then Node
To Disconnect

IRLP or EchoLink
Dial 73

Operating Etiquette

Identify Identify your station before bringing up a link and after taking down a link. IDs are

required with any control commands.

IRLP is not as fast as simplex or local repeater contacts, therefore you must key your

transmitter and wait for a moment before speaking. Otherwise the beginning of your

transmission may not be heard.


Pause between transmissions! especially on Reflectors. Many repeaters run half

duplex links to their IRLP node, therefore they can only disconnect between

transmissions. Please wait for the courtesy tones, plus some.


IRLP nodes support only a single connection to another node or "Reflector."

Reflectors support many incoming connections. Every node connected to the same

reflector talks to every other node connected, i.e. a conference bridge type service.

All reflector node numbers begin with 9. New operators should connect to 9200 or

9250 and call for a contact

Some portions of these instructions were borrowed from the W9KD IRLP node instructions